Artist Statement

As a Contemporary Art Creator, I feel inspired by themes as the space, the time and the human condition, especially by the female figure. I like to work on various layers of concepts and materials, analyzing the origin and the communicative possibilities of an initial idea, including elements in my art that allow me to obtain the compositional coherence necessary to visualize a portrait, a fashion illustration or a narrative illustration that can reflect dialogues or antagonisms between the figurative-traditional and the abstract-contemporary.

Empty gazes, unknown destinations, lonely individuals, stripes and cracks, fragmentation, timelessness and nostalgia are recurrent concepts in most of my creations that I make evident through techniques such as pencil drawing, watercolor and ink on paper, strokes of crayon, charcoal, pastel, paint stains, collage with paper scraps, threads and scribbles. With the shapes, textures and colors of the selected materials, I explore the ways to encode my intentions in every piece, weaving relationships between the theme and its visualization.

I have been working with the female figure since 2010. The female figure represents for me a possibility to work with internal and external components and values that can be visible (figurative) and invisible (abstract). The visible human characteristics are drawn or painted trying to achieve the figurativeness expressed by a face or human body, they look calm but close to melancholy and resilience in their own immaterial condition. Invisible values as the emotions are translated into some irregular physical traits that manifest the inner expressiveness of the subjects, transgressing in this manner some prevailing normative constraints related to the beauty, grace and happiness with the intention of generating a criticism from the imperfection in art to deconstruct the female stereotypes present in the social imaginary.

Other invisible values are external: surrounding or crossing over the subjects, limiting their existence on the material plane, defining their context, containing them in a compositional hierarchy. Those elements can materialize the time, the emptiness, light, darkness, emotions or questions, the whole in contrast to the individual dimension; they configure a system in fragments, without apparent order, in an intentional and controlled chaos, covering some parts of the visible components; they can distress the composition or they can balance the overall result of the image; they can hide any drawing errors on the initial layers or determine the final character of the artwork.

I like to review my art frequently and I consider that an artwork is never finished, so it’s probably that I would do some interventions on my own pieces at any moment. For now, I continue to explore new creative possibilities, sophisticating my techniques and step by step building an artistic portfolio organized in different themes without limiting myself to try new things.


Female Figure



Classical Portrait




Fashion Illustration






Graphite Pencil – Colored Pencil – Charcoal



Watercolor – Ink – Acrylic



Analog Collage – Digital Collage – Mixed Media


Figurative Art

Abstract Art

Contemporary Art


Human Figure = Structure

Deconstruction = Layers

Composition + Form + Color + Balance = Character

Fashion – Redefinition

Nostalgic – Contemporary