Hi. My name is Ángel Hernández (b.1994). I’m a Contemporary Art Creator.

My relationship with art started at a very young age: when I was a child I liked to draw and paint on any surface, I used to draw on people’s faces in Sunday magazines and make some costume designs. I became aware of art as a discipline at the age of 15, when I began to do some works on canvas and to better organize my ideas. During my teenage years I spent a lot of time doing pencil portraits and illustrations, while continuing to work with oil landscapes and writing poetry. During this stage I dedicated myself to understanding the basic principles of Academic and Classical Art.

My university education in Architecture has allowed me for several years to think on art with a broader and more critical vision. With my academic training as an architect I have learned a better way to produce ideas, analyze and develop them and it is thanks to this discipline that my visual art is currently an interdisciplinary result, where I use different techniques to reinterpret the values of art with a contemporary approach, addressing themes around space and the human figure, especially the female figure.

I can define my work methodology as a series of creative processes that are not limited or distanced and that depend on interdisciplinary relationships connected with my learning and experiences to generate ideas and results. I apply this both to Architecture and Visual Art.